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North American Players May Be Able to Claim $55 off Sony Due to PS3 Lawsuit

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North American Players May Be Able to Claim $55 off Sony Due to PS3 Lawsuit

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In an interesting turn of events, the result of a lawsuit filed six years ago may well mean you’re eligible for a $55 cash claim from Sony.

If you bought the original ‘fat’ PlayStation 3 between Nov. 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010 from an authorized US retailer, then you may be eligible to claim $55. It all stems from a lawsuit around a particular firmware update, one that disabled the “Other OS” functionality of the PlayStation 3. This effectively ended Linux support for the console, and meant that players who wished to keep the Linux OS couldn’t upgrade to firmware 3.21, and thus wouldn’t have access to PSN. As it turned out, there was a sizable number of Linux users who were peeved enough to file a class-action lawsuit.

To check the fine print then take a look here, at the official website for the suit.

Sony argued, back in 2010, that the change was made due to a security risk. A judge in California threw the case out in 2011, but it was brought back by appeal in 2014. The settlement was agreed earlier this year.

If you want to claim your $55 then you will need to provide proof of purchase for the console during that period, as well as proof that you were utilizing the “Other OS” feature – a screenshot or a proof of purchase for Linux for instance. If you do not have proof but claim that you intended to utilize the feature, then you are able to claim $9. In order to make a claim, head to the official page linked above.

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