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Nintendo Cleans Out Its Closet, Finds Sealed Mint Condition Famicom Disk System

nintendo famicom disk drive

Nintendo Cleans Out Its Closet, Finds Sealed Mint Condition Famicom Disk System

And also a Disk Drive Disk Writer and copy of The Legend of Zelda along with it.

You might have an interesting old relic or two stashed away deep in the back of your closet, but there’s probably nothing back there that’s as cool as what Nintendo’s been keeping in storage for the past three decades.

As you can see in the video below, the Japanese game maker today gave fans a sneak peek at some of its archival goodies. Nintendo apparently has at least a handful of its Family Computer (aka Famicom) games console and Disk Drive peripheral stashed away in mint condition, with the plastic wrap still on the individual hardware components.

Along with the system and its add-on, Nintendo also had a copy of the original The Legend of Zelda, which Kotaku explains could only be played in Japan on Famicoms with a Disk Drive attached. While the North American version of Link’s first adventure came on a cartridge with a built-in battery to save game progress — a novel concept at the time — it was the Disk Drive that handled game saves in Japan.

Also included in the treasure trove are a basically prehistoric CRT television and a Famicom Disk Drive Disk Writer. The latter was used, as you might expect, to write data to game disks.

Both the Famicom and The Legend of Zelda originally released in 1986, and Nintendo has been spending the year celebrating Zelda’s birthday. That includes website posts such as this latest one showing off these trinkets from Nintendo’s earliest days in the games console business.


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