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Monster Hunter XX for 3DS Coming to Japan in March


Monster Hunter XX for 3DS Coming to Japan in March

Time to begin the hunt again.

Announced on Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct, this one Monster Hunter themed, is the latest entry in the Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter XX for 3DS. Pronounced “Double-Cross,” XX is an updated version of the west’s Monster Hunter Generations, which released for 3DS this July.

This is an unsurprising announcement, considering Nintendo has promised more Switch announcements are to come in January and not before then (meaning Monster Hunter Switch would be unlikely), and Nintendo has a history of releasing definitive version of previous Monster Hunter titles. Monster Hunter XX follows Monster Hunter G, which updated the PlayStation 2’s Monster Hunter, and Monster Hunter 3 and 4 Ultimate editions.

Twitter user Gaijinhunter has translated some of the details of the announcement: the game is coming to Japan on March 18th and will include new Deviant monsters, a new unnamed monster, several returning monsters, a new Airship-themed village, and a G-rank difficulty. XX also boats new Hunter Styles and will allow players to import their saves, giving returning players some sort of bonus.

Nintendo didn’t announce if XX would be coming to the west, but it’s not unlikely. Many Monster Hunter definitive versions end up coming to the west in some form or another. For example, while neither Monster Hunter or Monster Hunter G came to the west way back in 2005, Monster Hunter Freedom, a new title based on Monster Hunter G, did make its way to western audiences. So, don’t give up hope!

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This post was originally written by Ruben Circelli.

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