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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Release Date May Have Been Outed

delayed, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Release Date May Have Been Outed

Maybe in sight?

Mass Effect: Andromeda was originally set to come out the end of this year, but later saw a delay to the vague first quarter of 2017. But it seems that we may actually have a definitive release date, thanks to the game’s art book.

The Amazon description for the art book says that it’ll release “simultaneously” with the game, and the book’s release date is listed as March 21, 2017. The description also states that the book will feature “never before seen” art of the game’s characters, weapons, locations, and all the stuff that typically comes with an art book. It’s available for pre-order now. Bioware or EA haven’t commented yet, but when they do, we’ll let you know.

Details on Mass Effect: Andromeda have come few and far between, with the most recent news coming from last month’s PlayStation Event. We finally know that our protagonist, Ryder, will be a brother and sister, and that their father was the one seen in the very first trailer. We think that opens the game up to some interesting opportunities.

Mass Effect: Andromeda, whenever it releases next year, will come out on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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