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Mafia III’s Achievement/Trophy List Revealed, Wants You to Feed People to Alligators


Mafia III’s Achievement/Trophy List Revealed, Wants You to Feed People to Alligators


2K and Hangar 13 are releasing Mafia III this week, in case you’ve forgotten. Players will take on the role of black war veteran Lincoln Clay in his efforts to control New Bordeaux, and as with all games, that means you’ll be acquiring tons of achievements and trophies. Thanks to the XboxAchievements site, we know what you’ll be rewarded for doing.

The list is basically what you’d expect–complete “x” mission, earn and/or spend a certain amount of money (hope you’ve got $500,000 kicking around!)–but then there are also some interesting ones. Secret ones want you to keep one or all of your Underbosses alive until a certain point in the game, along with keeping their loyalty. Then there are some dark ones; for example, one achievement/trophy wants you to feed a body to an alligator. By that same token, another one wants you to be eaten by an alligator. Circle of life and all that. Here’s the whole list, and just in case, we’re gonna give you a general spoiler warning.

Story Achievements

Before They Bury You – Complete “Before They Bury You”100
Pray on the Way Up – Complete “Pray on the Way Up”15
It’s a Brave New World – Complete “It’s a Brave New World”15
Fish Gotta Eat – Complete “Fish Gotta Eat”15
Everyone Will Notice – Complete “Everyone Will Notice”15
My Name is Lincoln Clay – Complete “My Name is Lincoln Clay”15
Little Late for That – Complete “Little Late for That”15
The Poor Sumb**** – Complete “The Poor Sumb****”15
Burn Like Napalm – Complete “Burn Like Napalm”30
Certainly Was Exciting – Complete “Certainly Was Exciting”30
Yet Here We Are – Complete “Yet Here We Are”40
Somethin’ I’ve Gotta Do – Complete “Somethin’ I’ve Gotta Do”15
For Old Time’s Sake – Complete “For Old Time’s Sake”15
Cut & Run – Complete “Cut & Run”15
We Partners Now – Complete “We Partners Now”15
IRA Don’t Ask – Complete “IRA Don’t Ask”25
I Need a Favor – Complete “I Need a Favor”25
.45 in My Hand – Complete “.45 in My Hand”25
Real Nice Time – Complete “Real Nice Time”30
The Connection to Cuba – Complete “The Connection to Cuba”15
There’s a War Goin’ On – Complete “There’s a War Goin’ On”15
Jesuit in New Mexico – Complete “Jesuit in New Mexico”15

Gameplay Achievements

Cash in Hand – Save $150,000 between your wallet and the bank10
Baby, You’re a Rich Man – Earn $500,00010
Racketeer – Get the maximum earn from one of your Rackets15
Hole in Your Pocket – Spend at least $500,00015
Big Earner – Receive $10,000 in earn from one Underboss15
The New Boss – Flip 16 Racket Bosses15
Live Another Day – Recruit 15 Racket Informants15
No Loose Ends – Kill all of the Racket Bosses15
Can’t Trust a Rat – Kill 15 Racket Informants15
Custom 358 – Drive at 120 mph or faster for 20 seconds15
Testing the Shocks – While driving, perform a 50-meter jump and land on your wheels15
New Bordeaux Drifter – While driving, drift for at least 5 seconds15
One Good Turn – Make a 180 degree turn at high speed without hitting anything15
Wrecker – Execute 10 Vehicle Takedowns15
Combat Specialist – Kill 300 enemies using Takedowns15
Shh, shh – Perform 100 Stealth Takedowns on enemies15
Closed Casket – Perform 50 Brutal Takedowns15
Softened ‘Em Up – Completely weaken a Racket by killing all of its Enforcers15
I’m Goin’ In! – Attack a Racket without killing any Enforcers15
Standard Communication Grid – Wiretap the Delray Hollow Smack Racket15
Recruited to 5th SFG – Perform 5 headshots in 5 seconds15
Bon Appétit! – Feed a body to an alligator15
Next Time Swim Faster – Get eaten by an alligator15
Sending A Message – Chain together 3 or more Brutal Takedowns15
Code 112 – Steal a Police car15
Insurance Risk – Escape a Police Zone after being chased for 2 minutes15
Flambé – Make 10 enemies kill themselves with their own Molotovs15
Sure Thing, Boss – Unlock all Associates15
Never Saw it Coming – Kill an enemy within 2 seconds of kicking open a door15

Secret Achievements

We’re in This Together – Keep all Underbosses alive until “Yet Here We Are”15
Just You and Me – Keep only one Underboss alive until “Yet Here We Are”15
Trust – Reach the Loyal state with one Underboss15
Family – Reach the Loyal state with all three Underbosses15

Mafia III releases for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC this Friday.

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