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Mafia III vs. Gears of War 4: Which Should You Buy?


Mafia III vs. Gears of War 4: Which Should You Buy?

Battle of the third-person shooters.

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This week is a big one for video games as Microsoft releases their latest exclusive, Gears of War 4. Last Friday Mafia III launched as well, offering an open world tale of organized crime and vengeance. Naturally, that means players have a difficult choice on their hands. Do they go with the New Bordeaux crime family, or do they pick up the fight against alien monstrosities trying to destroy your home?

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It can be tough to choose, especially when money is tight, so allow us to help you make this critical decision so you can get the game that’s perfect for you, and not have to wonder what could’ve been. While both games harbor plenty of differences, there are a few main points you should consider.

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