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Mafia III: Is There Fast Travel?


Mafia III: Is There Fast Travel?

Traveling, traveling.

Is There a Fast Travel Option in Mafia III?

Mafia III is all about exacting revenge on those who betrayed you in a deal gone wrong. You’ll need to hire Underbosses, and protect your territory as you continue to expand and put an end to those that wronged you. You’ll often be going from A to B in Mafia III, or revisiting key locations that can be quite a way out from where you’ll spend some of your time in the game. As such, some players maybe wondering if there’s a fast travel option to speed things along.

Being an open world game, Mafia III’s going to make you drive from place to place. This can get a bit taxing when you’re shlepping from one end of New Bordeaux to the next. Other games of this type have offered the ability to fast travel and cut down on travel time, and one would think this game would follow suit, right? Yeah, no. All you have at your disposal is a car, and it’ll be up to yourself to get around the city with it. You can also use your feet, though we wouldn’t recommend it for most treks.

While it’s disappointing about the lack of fast travel, the commute isn’t all that bad. You’re sure to end up at your destination in not that short of time, especially if you have a fast car to drive or ignore all traffic. Well, unless you end up having a hit squad come after you, of course. Besides, the city is beautiful enough to sight see, right?

That’s all you need to know regarding whether or not Mafia III has a fast travel option. Stick with Twinfinite for further Mafia III help! We have a wiki that has all of your guides, tips, and other needs!

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