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Mafia III: How to Use Your Underboss Skills


Mafia III: How to Use Your Underboss Skills

Skills to pay the bills.

How to Use Underboss Skills in Mafia III

When you gain an Underboss in Mafia III, you also get a special skill related to them. Later on in Mafia III, you get a second skill from each one, and all of them help you out in the game somehow. Here’s how to use them to your disposal.

First, you’re going to want to bring up your weapon wheel. Your guns are going to be on the left and right ends of the wheel, while your skills surround them. The bottom half of skills will be free for you to use, but the top half will cost you one Marker, which you gain every time you give an Underboss a new district. Select the one you want to use by flicking the right stick, then let go of the weapon wheel button, and it’ll happen. Here’s what you get from each one.

Cassandra – How to Use All Underboss Skills in Mafia III

  • Armory–Call Jean-Baptiste so you can restock your ammo, get Adrenaline or Tac-Vests, and buy new weapons. Costs nothing.
  • Disable Phone Lines–Cassandra’s got a woman on the inside who can cut the phone lines for a short period of time, should a witness or sentry spot you. Costs 1 Marker.

Vito – How to Use All Underboss Skills in Mafia III

  • Cash Pickup–Call someone to pick up the money currently in your wallet. Once she arrives, just walk over to her and use the Interact button, then she’ll drive off and deposit it to your bank. Costs nothing.
  • Hit Squad–Summon a small group of Vito’s men to help you take on some bad guys, or defend you against cops or a hit squad. Costs 1 Marker.

Burke – How to Use All Underboss Skills in Mafia III

  • Car Delivery–One of Burke’s men will deliver a car of your choosing to your destination, perfect if you find your current vehicle shot to all hell. Costs nothing.
  • Pay Off the Cops–Get rid of the Blue Zone when being pursued by the cops so you don’t have to hide away and wait for the heat to die down. Costs 1 Marker.

The Underboss skills that cost Markers are upgraded when you give one of them a new piece of territory during your sitdowns. If you’ve already got one boss in a district and give that whole territory to someone else, you lose the upgrades that come with them. Be careful and read through each listing carefully during sitdowns before making your choice.

And there you have all you need to know to use your Underboss skills in Mafia III. For more tips, tricks, and information, be sure to check out our wiki.

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