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Logan: First Look at an Aging Professor X


Logan: First Look at an Aging Professor X

Years have passed.

Following the news that Wolverine’s third solo film would simply be titled Logan, accompanied by a poster that suggests Hugh Jackman’s final run as the beloved X-Men member will contain its fair share of emotion, director James Mangold revealed the first ominous look at Professor Charles Xavier.

Through Twitter, Mangold shared the image featured above, which shows a much older version Professor X than we’ve seen to date. For a character we’ve grown to love over the past decade, as well as an actor that still looks incredibly well for his age, it’s definitely a haunting sight.

This image seems to back up claims made by The Wrap, suggesting Xavier has aged horribly and that he’s not well. “His powers are unstable and at times he doesn’t even remember Logan,” the media outlet stated.

Logan is expected to hit theaters come March 3, 2017.

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