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8 Impressive Details in Mafia III You (Probably) Didn’t Notice


8 Impressive Details in Mafia III You (Probably) Didn’t Notice

It’s the little things.

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The Exhaust Rumble

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As you’re driving around the streets of New Bordeaux, you’ll take a look around and admire some of the beautiful views on offer. Sunsets set the skies alight with deep oranges and vibrant yellows, and civilians go about their daily tasks. But if you look a little closer to home, you’ll notice a pretty incredibly tiny detail right under your tail lights.

When you’re driving around and you really put your foot down on the accelerator, you’ll notice that the exhausts of your car will begin to rumble ever so slightly. The faster and more powerful your car is, the more noticeably the exhausts will jolt around. It’s only a little, but one that helps to make your car feel a whole lot more powerful than simply putting your finger down on the trigger does.

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