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How Opposing Overwatch Teams Banded Together to Stop a Cheater


How Opposing Overwatch Teams Banded Together to Stop a Cheater

Cheaters never win.

Since its release in May, Overwatch has consistently been one of the most popular and most-played multiplayer games around. Competitive Overwatch is something that players take very seriously, and it can sometimes be tough to see the other team as people just trying to have fun.

But when one player was cheating the system to make the game unfair for both teams, something magical happened.

Overwatch player SixZoSeven recounted the story on Reddit, in which his team acquired a player that was clearly using an aimbot (a cheat mechanic to instantly score headshots). Usually, a situation like this ends with a miserable one-sided game, but this time was different.

“Someone from our team, despite having the cheater, threw out the idea of going for a draw. Sure enough, it was agreed upon that a draw would only be fair. Both teams just ran around doing silly things. Of course we did have to mitigate any shenanigans from the cheater, since he was still trying to go for eliminations,” said SixZoSeven.

In a subsequent interview with Kotaku, SixZoSeven said that the cheater didn’t seem to be fluent in English, but was trying to justify their artificial skill with chat messages like “im just pro-gamer” and “WOW NO DRAW.” After the match, all players involved reported the cheater, but as of this writing, they apparently hasn’t been banned. Considering Blizzard’s stringent hardware-based ban system, that day might be soon.


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