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Here’s What Time you Can Play Hitman’s Final Episode Today

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Here’s What Time you Can Play Hitman’s Final Episode Today

Agent 47 heads to Japan.

IO Interactive are gearing up to release the sixth and final episode of Hitman later today, and the team posted a set of detailed release notes for you to figure out when you’ll be able to head to Japan as Agent 47.

Episode 6: Hokkaido will be available to download and play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC at 15:00 CET/7AM PT today.

However, at around 11AM CET, IO Interactive will be conducting maintenance on the game, meaning that the servers will be down and a mandatory update will be released for all systems, which will be around 5-8GB in the size. The new episode itself will set you back about 12-14GB of memory, depending on the platform of choice.

Server maintenance is expected to end at 15:00 CET, but IO states that it hopes to bring the servers back online as early as possible.

The release notes also include an extensive list of updates that will arrive with Episode 6, alongside all the fixes and tweaks that the team have made to the game since the last patch.

That’s not all, as IO also detailed their plans for Hitman in November, which will include a bunch of new elusive targets (the first of which arrives a day after the release of Episode 6) and contracts, so be sure to read about all about on their blog.


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