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Here’s Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Total Download Size

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Here’s Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Total Download Size

Better check that storage.

Pokemon fans better make sure they have some spare space on their Nintendo 3DS if they’re planning to download Pokemon Sun and Moon, as each game will take up a hefty 3.2 GB. This means that with the 3DS storage system, you’ll need about 26, 176 blocks. The information comes straight from an update on the official Japanese site for Sun and Moon.

By comparison the download size for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby was 1.8 GB, while Pokemon X and Y was 1.7 GB. So, Sun and Moon looks to be quite a bit larger, at least in terms of file size. It should be noted that if you’re unsure of how to check what storage you have left on your 3DS, you can do so by going to Data Management in your system’s settings.

Pokemon Sun and Moon launches on November 18 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. The evolved forms of the Alolan starters were revealed earlier this week and you can take a look at the reveal trailer, then check out which one we think is the best. Make sure to also take a look at some incredible fan art that’s already been created for the new evolutions.

Are you planning on buying Pokemon Sun and Moon physically or digitally? Leave a comment below, and let us know.


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