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GTA V Biker Update: How to Melee on a Motorcycle


GTA V Biker Update: How to Melee on a Motorcycle

How to Melee on a Motorcycle – GTA V

One of the most notable features that came along with Grand Theft Auto V’s Biker update is the ability to melee while on motorcycles. If you’re not quite sure how this is done, here’s everything you need to know to start punching and kicking off of your bike.

First step: get on a motorcycle. Good.

Next, if you’re on an Xbox, hold down the A button and hit LB/RB to attack on the left and right sides, respectively. If you’re on a PlayStation, hold the X button and press L1/R1 to melee. Lastly, if you’re on PC, hold down X on your keyboard, and use your left or right mouse button to attack.

Remember that you need to not have a ranged weapon out to accomplish this, and while you can punch and kick all day, you can also use this technique to swing certain melee weapons like the broken pool cue.

And that’s everything there is to melee attacking on a motorcycle. Hopefully you’re enjoying GTA V’s Biker DLC, and even more so now that you’re a punching machine on wheels.


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