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Final Fantasy XV’s Death Magic Implodes Enemies Into Neon Pink Oblivion

final fantasy xv death magic

Final Fantasy XV’s Death Magic Implodes Enemies Into Neon Pink Oblivion


We got a look at some of Final Fantasy XV’s Death magic in a new gameplay trailer today, so prepare yourself for four minutes of Noctis mercilessly squeezing the existence out of various creatures.

The footage was first shown at a Final Fantasy XV presentation at TwitchCon 2016. It demonstrates off all the ways Noctis can use the Ring of the Lucii, which grants health-draining Death magic to the user. If used long enough, the enemy will spontaneously implode into a cloud of neon pink and – presumably – guts. Check out the video below to see Death magic explode robots, mutant crocodiles, and massive beasts like the Bandersnatch.

The spell does take some time to reach implosion level, the duration depending on the enemy. This cast time leaves Noctis open to being attacked, or grabbed at the leg by an angry mutant crocodile who wants revenge for their now less-existing friend. Later on, an Iron Giant tries to give our protagonist a taste of his own medicine, but squeeze as Iron Giant may, Noctis remains unexploded.

In other news, Final Fantasy XV art director Yusuke Naora announced plans to leave Square Enix in pursuit of other projects. Naora said he did get a chance to see the ending of FFXV though, and that it was the greatest way to close his time with the company. Square Enix also recently revealed the massive list of music players will be able to listen to in their car.

Final Fantasy XV releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Nov. 29.

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