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Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Expansion “Stormblood” Revealed

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Expansion “Stormblood” Revealed

More for the land of Eorzea.

During their Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival held in Las Vegas, Square Enix announced a brand new expansion for the game titled “Stormblood.” The expansion is bringing a ton of additions and changes to the game. You can take a look at the first teaser trailer at the bottom, and check out some of the changes and additions coming with the expansion below.

Stormblood will be launching sometime in Summer 2017, although a firm release date isn’t set yet.The expansion takes players to Ala Mhigo, where they’ll help the nation free itself of the Garlean Empire’s control. Apparently the amount of new areas and story in the expansion will be similar to that in Heavensward. Many of the areas seen in Stormblood will combine the culture of Ala Mihga and the occupying Garleans.

The story will feature the ability to travel with companions like in Heavensward, with some from new factions like “The Warriors of Light,” or the “Ala Mhigan Resistance.” The level cap for each job is being raised from 60 to 70. Stormblood will, of course, also be introducing new dungeons, high-end raids, alliance raids, and a brand new 4th residential area.

In addition to introducing a brand new story and new jobs, Stormblood will also introduce a few overhauls to some of Final Fantasy XIV’s systems. The battle system and skill system is getting reworked so actions will be regrouped by role instead of job. Square Enix will also be addressing unused and ineffective actions. UI is getting overhauled as well, in favor of job specific buffs. Fans might be pleased to know as well that the item inventory is getting an “extreme” expansion.

To top everything off, the minimum specs for the Windows version of the game will be getting changed, raising them in the hopes of giving players the best experience possible. Final Fantasy XIV will also be ending its PlayStation 3 support at the release of Stormblood, also in hopes of improving the game experience. However, a special upgrade campaign will be available to move PS3 players to the PS4 version of the game for free.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available on PC. PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. It was recently announced that the game has over 6 million cumulative players. You can also take a look at everything new from the game’s most recent patch, 3.4. 

Are you excited about another Final Fantasy XIV expansion? What do you hope to see from it. Leave a comment below and let us know.


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