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FIFA 17: What You Get For Finishing The Journey


FIFA 17: What You Get For Finishing The Journey

Get to the end.

FIFA 17’s new The Journey mode, focussing on the meteoric rise of Alex Hunter, is quite a long experience but you get multiple Ultimate Team rewards along the way.

As you complete certain objectives in the story, such as getting your professional contract offer, you will be given packs redeemable in the popular Ultimate Team mode. There will be five rewards given to you throughout The Journey, with the final one being rather special.


The first four are ‘loan player packs’ that give you a player to use for a specified number of matches. The rating of the player you get in the pack increases as you get further through The Journey. The final reward is a special, untradable version of Alex Hunter for you to use in your Ultimate Team. His position will match that of your version of Alex Hunter, as will his stats in all key areas. It is an item that is unique to you and is a great reward for finishing The Journey. Since Hunter finishes his story at around 75 rated, his Ultimate Team card isn’t the best but will be great to include in a squad.

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