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FIFA 17: How to Get the Musician Kits


FIFA 17: How to Get the Musician Kits

Which will you choose?

Collecting kits or using unique kits in FIFA 17’s Ultimate Team mode is great fun. Colorful kits, the kit from your favorite team, or the one you started with – everyone has a way of deciding.

When it comes to special kits, this year’s iteration has a lot to offer. Certain musicians including Kygo, Zedd, and Kasabian have designed their own kits that you can use in Ultimate Team. Not everyone will have access to them automatically but it is not difficult to get hold of them.

Anyone that pre-ordered the game will have access to them automatically and they will be waiting in the Ultimate Team hub. For anyone that did not, the kits can be purchased using EA Sports Football Club coins from the catalogue. All you have to do is press the right thumb-stick, which will take you to the catalogue menu, and you can scroll down to the kits. You will have to be a certain level but it is not particularly high or difficult to reach. You will also need some coins but most of you will have some to spare already.

Some of the musician kits in FIFA 17 are well designed and, although they are common, they are good to use.

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