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FIFA 17: How to Get a Good Rating and Skill Points in The Journey


FIFA 17: How to Get a Good Rating and Skill Points in The Journey

Upgrade Alex.

FIFA 17 – Skill Points in the Journey

FIFA 17’s new mode, The Journey, is all about improving your version of Alex Hunter so that he can break into the first team at his favourite club and become a Premier League legend.

To improve Alex you need to play well and earn Skill Points that allow you to upgrade his stats. The most important thing to do to ensure your character is improving quickly is to play every training session and match, rather than sim them. Getting ‘A’ ratings in training drills grants the greatest boosts to Hunter’s statistics and increases his overall rating faster. The same effect is gained by performing well in matches. Score goals, assist, try not to misplace passes, and defend well to ensure you meet all of the objectives set out by the manager.

Doing all this will increase Alex Hunter’s overall rating and every time it goes up you will be awarded with a Skill Point to spend on attributes such as pace, a long throw, or skill moves. Skill Points are the best way to upgrade Alex as a player as it gives you the option to choose what to improve. You can therefore mould him into the player you want him to be.

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