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FIFA 17: How to Do the Chop Skill Move


FIFA 17: How to Do the Chop Skill Move

Chop Like Ronaldo

FIFA 17 is back this year with a brand new engine and gameplay tweaks that make the gameplay better than ever. One of the key areas in which the game has improved is dribbling, and attacking in the opposition half can be fine tuned with flair to create some memorable moments.

This is only improved through the use of skill moves that can be performed by some special professional players who meet the requirements. To perform the Heel Chop you need a player with more than 4 star skills. The heel chop popularized by players such as Best, Cruyff and Ronaldo can be a devastating move that can send a defender the wrong way and create an opening for a goal.

The heel chop is basically a modified version of the fake shot. To perform this skill move you must hold LT and press B and then A on Xbox, or L2 and then Circle and X. If performed correctly, it will look significantly different than the normal fake shot, which is performed without holding the trigger on the controller.

The player will change direction at great pace, putting the ball between his legs and if performed correctly, should send a defender the wrong way. It is an excellent move to master and is best used on the wing to cut into the box and create scoring chances.

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