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Farming Simulator 17: How to Chop Trees With a Chainsaw


Farming Simulator 17: How to Chop Trees With a Chainsaw

Farming Simulator 17 promises to give you the authentic, farming lifestyle. Of course, you can also play the role of a lumberjack and get your choppin’ on. Additionally, this will be tied to an achievement or trophy, so you’re going to want to do it! Sweet, sweet, validation.

In order to chop trees down, you first need to buy a chainsaw. This is purchased in the shop menu, and can be bought for $1,000. That’s the cheapest model, but it’s really all you need. Then, you’re going to have to be on foot and bring it out. Press up on the d-pad and you’ll have your chainsaw out. Walk up to trees and make your chainsaw turn at an angle. This is an important step, simply walking up to a tree with the chainsaw as is will not lead to any chopping.

So, to get it at an angle, hold L1 or LB and then use your control stick to angle it. The best angle is around 45 degrees, though you can certainly just set it horizontally. Then, when you’re up to a tree, you should see a blue circle form around the tree. This lets you know that you can chop it on down. Once you are able to, hold down Circle or B and continue holding it around the green circle, as your animation goes through the tree trunk. Don’t let go until your character’s animation goes back to normal, or else you’ll need to do this again. Once your character goes back to their normal stance, you’ll soon see the tree fall on down.


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