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Fan-Made Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Is Out to Make Us All Cry

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Fan-Made Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Is Out to Make Us All Cry

Someone get me tissues.

Pokemon is in its 20th year as a franchise, and this is something we’ve seen a lot with the marketing of Sun and Moon. This fan-made trailer not only showcases how long they’ve been around, but how much its fan base has grown up.

The ad does well to show how much Pokemon was part of our childhoods, when we use to play the card games without fully knowing the rules or playing past our bedtime. It’s a cute idea, especially when it parallels adulthood, instead of Pokemon cards we have time cards for work and we can stay up whenever.

Fans saw something similar when Sun and Moon was first announced, when every console and generation of Pokemon was displayed. The idea of the game evolving with us is interesting, and would be awesome to see that reflected in Sun and Moon.  The current generation will already go down as being different simply because it doesn’t have any Gyms or HMs, but fans will have to wait to see if there is anything else that is different.

Thankfully, that wait isn’t long because Pokemon Sun and Moon is just right around the corner, with both releasing on Nov. 18 for the 3DS.


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