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Everything You Need to Know About Overwatch’s Halloween Brawl

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Everything You Need to Know About Overwatch’s Halloween Brawl

Dr. Junkenstein’s got a PHD in being a jerk.

Overwatch has released a new update that brings players some Halloween fun. Skins, highlight intros, sprays, and even a new brawl, titled Junkstein’s Revenge, are lying in wait for players to get spooked. The new brawl is a horde mode of sorts that pits players against zombie omnics (zomnics) and certain heroes. Think of its style sort of like Black Ops III’s zombie mode; it’s self aware and just plain fun. Maybe not for the whole family, as it gets a little spooky.

But nonetheless, you play in a team of four and each player has a choice from either Ana, Hanzo, McCree, or Soldier 76. There can be no duplicates, and it’s clear that everyone has specific roles to play in this mode. The map, by the way, is a twisted, horror version of the bridge area in Eichenwalde. Instead of stopping a payload, though, you need to stop attacks to the castle gates. The zomnics will make their way to the gate and blow up, damaging it, zombadiers will attack it from afar, and Junkenstein (Junkrat in a Halloween costume) will attempt to tire it and attack from afar as well as pump out his goons to mess your team up. That’s right, you’ll be up against Halloween versions of Reaper, Roadhog, and Mercy.

The objective is to survive these waves, and this ramps up in difficulty exponentially as you go through the differently difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. While playing hard, I basically got destroyed at the first boss, Reaper. But while on medium, I got as far as Mercy’s introduction. Let me tell you, it’s packed with surprises to make sure that this Brawl is no easy feat for players. So, you’ll need to juggle keeping the castle gates untouched by the horde, as well as your entire team from wiping out. Otherwise, it’ll be a defeat.

This horde mode brawl comes with the Halloween event update, as Lucio Ball did with the summer games. Players will find a fresh new way to play the game with three other friends, or, you know, a ton of frustrations as you die repeatedly (especially if you’re not good with either Ana, Hanzo, McCree, or Soldier 76).

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