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Epic Reveals VR Game Robo Recall


Epic Reveals VR Game Robo Recall

Launches in 2017

Epic Games has announced that it will be releasing a new VR game, called Robo Recall that will be released for the Oculus Rift, will support the Oculus Touch, and will be free.

There has been an announcement trailer for the game as well:

The official Robo Recall website has also gone up and provides further details on the game. It will have you exploring “realistic environments as an agent tasked with recalling rogue robots while unlocking an expanding arsenal of weapons.”

Judged on the impressive level of carnage going on in the trailer, it would seem that those robots aren’t too keen on being recalled. There’s also an “in-depth scoring system” in the game, which will engender leader board competition, rewarding players for racking up mayhem with creativity.

For those that remember Epic’s earlier demo Bullet Train, this will come as very good news as it’s both a spiritual successor and a more detailed realization of it. What is also interesting is that players will have the option to play Robo Recall in a sandbox mode, which will give them the freedom to poke around in VR and to practice the game’s mechanics.

Currently no specific release date has been specified, but the game is scheduled for early 2017.

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