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Check out Doom’s Second DLC Launch Trailer Here


Check out Doom’s Second DLC Launch Trailer Here

Play as the iconic Cacodemon!

In celebration of Doom’s second piece of DLC releasing today, developer id Software has released a brand new launch trailer of what we can expect from the new content. Check it out down below:

The new video gives an overview of all three of the new maps, the new weapon called the Reaper, customizations, and the very new playable iconic demon, the Cacodemon.

All three new map descriptions

  • Argent Breach – Battle among ancient burial ruins of the Night Sentinels, where statues of heroes past overlook the machinery of a fallen society.
  • Molten – Clash in a world littered with volcanic temples and fight inside a crumbling facility dedicated to harnessing energy from the lava that envelopes the entire planet.
  • Orbital – Fight in low gravity aboard a robotic station in deep space. Surprise opponents from above, but be careful not to fall into the vastness of space below

Are you going to pick up Doom’s second DLC? If so, be sure to let us know in the comment section below and for more, be sure to check out some of today’s hottest news stories down below!


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