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Destiny Rise of Iron: What Memory of Radegast Can Reflect


Destiny Rise of Iron: What Memory of Radegast Can Reflect

Memory of Radegast – Destiny: Rise of Iron

For those who have been keeping up with Destiny: Rise of Iron, you’re undoubtedly aware of the new Iron Lord Artifacts that add some interesting new skills to players on top of the normal stat increases. One of the newer artifacts is called Memory of Radegast, and it has an interesting ability that is perfect for players who like to use exotic swords in the game. While all of the exotics had a blocking ability, which allowed players to drastically minimize incoming damage, this artifact’s perk actually allows you to reflect most incoming attacks back at your opponent.

The description can be a bit confusing, though, as Memory of Radegast allows players to reflect “energy based” attacks. Some may think that means only certain supers and things like fusion rifles, but there’s actually a lot more than that. Here’s a breakdown of everything you can send back to your adversaries using your Sword’s L2/LT ability:

Fusion Rifles – This one was a given as they are all energy based weapons. Considering that these are often one-hit killers in the Crucible, this is actually a pretty cool perk. The only fusion rifle that can’t be reflected is Vex Mythoclast. Thankfully, you won’t run into that weapon very often, especially since it didn’t get a Year 2 or Year 3 update. There’s still nothing more fun than sending a Sleeper Simulant shot back for an instant kill.

Grenades – This one makes sense since grenades are a charged ability based on your subclass’ element. You return grenades right back to their sender with the only exception being the Warlock’s Axion Bolt.

Rocket Launchers – This is a rather unexpected perk of Memory of Radegast. Rockets are actual rounds, not energy based blasts, yet the artifact lets you reflect them back while playing with Memory of Radegast. Most surprising of all is that it works on Truth, whose smart detonation should let it explode before reaching your sword.

Any Other Weapons? – The artifact doesn’t do much else when it comes to weapons. It can reflect the Boltcaster’s projectile and SIVA swarms from the Outbreak Prime, but that’s about it. Blocking will just reduce the damage as normal if it’s not a fusion rifle or rocket launcher, so remember to dodge.

Supers – You can actually send most supers back to enemy Guardians in PvP. Of course, this only applies to offensive supers from what we can tell, so you can’t stop a Warlock from resurrecting, or a Titan from putting up a bubble. You can, however, send back Golden Gun rounds, Nova Blasts, Storm Trance blasts, and others. The Razer’s Edge ability from Arc Blade can’t be reflected for some reason, though. You will also want to be careful when around large area of effect attacks, as you can only reflect from the front, so don’t think you’re suddenly Superman.

This is a pretty impressive skill set that will prove useful in both PvE and the Crucible, especially with Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris. So far, this may be the most powerful new Destiny: Rise of Iron artifact yet.

Happy hunting, Guardians.

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