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Destiny Festival of the Lost: How to Get the Halloween Ghost Shell


Destiny Festival of the Lost: How to Get the Halloween Ghost Shell

Ghostly Ghost.

For this year’s Festival of the Lost in Destiny, players will have a chance to pick up a Halloween-themed Ghost shell in the game. However, actually acquiring it isn’t as simple as you might think.

First up, you can buy some new Ghost shells and other cool festival items from the Eververse kiosk. However, these are basically microtransactions, and you’ll have to spend some real-life cash to get all the items you want. If you’re only interested in picking up specific cosmetic items that you’re interested in, this is by far the fastest method to go about doing so.

However, if you wish to leave your fate to RNG, you can visit Eva Levante to take on a new seasonal quest. Completing each step of the quest will reward you with a cool Halloween mask, and completing the quest in its entirety will get you one Treasure of the Lost, which has a chance of netting you a random Halloween item. You can only obtain one Treasure per character, so you’ll have three chances of obtaining the Ghost shell if you have three characters available to do the quest.

It’s not ideal, but it’s Destiny – the game where everyone’s loot and rewards are determined by RNG.

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