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There’s a Carmine Easter Egg in Gears of War 4


There’s a Carmine Easter Egg in Gears of War 4

Another appearance for the famous brothers.

It’s almost a running joke now that in every Gears of War game a Carmine is on the front-line and suffers the same ill fate as all Carmine’s that came before him. While there hadn’t been all that much chatter about a Carmine brother appearing in Gears of War 4, The Coalition managed to sneak one in.

Maintaining the Carmine family tradition, this poor brother doesn’t last very long and gets about two very brief mentions. Heck, we never even get to talk to the guy. When you enter the Outsider village in act I chapter four, you’ll hear Reyna voice the praises of Carmine defending the people from the guard tower. Of course, it wasn’t long until his heroics came to an untimely end and the tower gets completely obliterated mere moments later.

Though we don’t know whether or not we’ll see a true return of the Carmine brothers in any upcoming Gears of War game, it looks like this will have to do for now.

Did you catch the Carmine Easter Egg in Gears of War 4? Feel free to let us know down in the comments below.


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