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Battlerite: How to Play Pearl


Battlerite: How to Play Pearl

The Ocean Sage.


Battlerite, Pearl

In Battlerite, Pearl is a powerful ranged support character that focuses on using water-based attacks and abilities to heal allies and control foes. Pearl’s strength hinges on the player’s ability to synchronize attacks with teammates while charging the character’s staff in order to lock down enemies by silencing them. Let’s break down Pearl’s abilities.

Volatile Water (LMB): Volatile Water is Pearl’s go-to basic attack that launches a watery projectile toward the opponent dealing damage. If Pearl’s staff is charged, landing the attack will also inflict the targeted enemy with silence, preventing them from using abilities for the duration. This is a very strong form of crowd control and can really devastate opponents or save allies if used at the proper time. For the cost of 25% energy, you can also use the EX form of this attack, Overflow, to recharge your weapon immediately allowing even more control over your opponents.

Healing Wave (RMB): As with most support characters, this is Pearl’s healing ability which can be used to restore the HP of any teammate it is cast upon. Not only does the ability store three uses, it also recharges faster for each ally that is around Pearl. Due to this, you’ll want to ensure that you keep your team nearby so as to have more uses of the ability. But make sure to stay behind your opponent as Pearl doesn’t do all too well on the front lines.

Dive (Space): Dive is Pearl’s escape ability. It allows the character to travel to any designated location leaving behind ripples of damage as you disappear. Be sure to use this ability when you are low in health or simply need to run away from a powerful enemy attack.

Tidal Wave (Q): Tidal Wave is an incredibly useful defensive ability that, when triggered, will counter the next source of damage Pearl receives. When the attack is countered it will also release a wave that heals Pearl, charges the staff, and knocks back any nearby enemies. The knock back makes this very strong against melee champions, however be sure to use this skill very wisely as patient enemies can take advantage of the counter duration. It is important to be unpredictable and fast-acting in order to make the best use of Tidal Wave.

Bubble Barrier (E): This skill gives Pearl the ability to control the battlefield by allowing the player to create a bubble field at a desired location that will slow both enemies and their projectiles that enter it. When used properly, it can also block certain champions’ ultimates, making it one of the strongest forms of CC available. Bubble Barrier’s EX form, Unstable Bubble, will carry the original’s attributes while exploding after the duration, dealing extra damage and knocking enemies backwards. This allows Pearl to not only get in more damage, but also continue to CC the enemy team while keeping distance.

Bubble Shield (R): Bubble Shield is another very important support ability. When cast on an ally, it removes all forms of CC inflicting the teammate while granting them a shield which will absorb incoming damage. Use the shield to get allies out of sticky situations or preventing them from dying in low-HP situations. You’ll want to prevent overuse of this ability as it is best used as a reactive measure in the worst possible situations.

Jaws (F): This is Pearl’s Ultimate ability and when used at the proper time, it can swing fights in clear favor of your team. The skill will summon a hungry shark at the target location, dealing damage and trapping all enemies caught within the area of effect. This effectively removes the trapped enemies from the battle for a specific amount of time, allowing Pearl’s team to take advantage of the opposition’s low numbers. When the time runs out, or when the ability is recast, it will create a splash that returns the trapped enemies and deals more damage to all surrounding enemies.

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