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New Battlefield 1 Video Showcases Several New Weapons and Updates


New Battlefield 1 Video Showcases Several New Weapons and Updates

That weapon is the true winner here.

YouTuber Westie has uploaded a new gameplay video showcasing all the new stuff that is going on in Battlefield 1. Not only does the video show off a new weapon and new areas, but also explains some changes made to the different classes.

The video features the M1918 BAR, which is a new weapon for the support class. It’s a weapon with a smaller magazine and does well with mid range shots, but has to be reloaded fairly frequently and has some recoil. People might even notice that the weapons look gold, which isn’t a common thing. The reason is this is one out of seven skins available, with gold being the rarest of them all.

We also got to see the new Operations mode with two different operations shown throughout the video. The first operation is called Kaiserschlacht, which makes use of both of the Western Front maps, St. Quentin Scar and Amiens. The second is called Oil Empires and shows off the Middle Eastern maps of Fao Fortress, Sinai Desert and Suez.

Another thing mentioned in the video was the changes made to classes, such as the Support class being able to equip the Limpet Mine, which is a bomb that sticks to objects and goes off when it detects movement. That same class will be able to carry around a repair tool and use a Mortar, but must give up Trip Mines which the Scout class will be receiving. The Scout class will also be getting some new stuff such as a sniper decoy and sniper shield. There was also a small tweak with the revive UI, which will make it easier for the Medic class to see who needs helps.


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