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Battlefield 1: How to Rank Up Classes Fast


Battlefield 1: How to Rank Up Classes Fast

Ranking Up Classes Fast In Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is finally here, and it features a rich suite of multiplayer modes and options. Multiplayer has four classes for players to choose from, each with their own weapons and equipment. As you rank up these classes you’ll gain access to even more guns and weapons. So, of course, one of the things people might be wondering is how you can get your classes ranked up fast and unlock everything.

Well, classes ranked up on an XP system, and it’s important for you to know how you can maximize the XP you earn with each match in Battlefield 1. Here’s a few tips on what you can do.

The most important thing for leveling up, is that you don’t solely focus on killing enemies. Remember that each class has their own specific role, and you’ll be rewarded with more points and XP if you help fulfill that role. Medics should always be trying to heal and revive their teammates, while Support can get points for resupplying their time. Additionally, Scouts are great at spotting enemies and earning points that way, while Assault can storm objectives and eliminate enemies.

This brings up a second point: focus on capturing or defending objectives. Killing the enemy team is important, but taking a capture point is going to reward you with loads more XP than simply taking out the enemy will. If you’re playing any game mode beside Team Deathmatch, focus on the objectives, especially when working with your squad.

Whenever you’re working with your squad in Battlefield 1, you’ll be given more points. You get more points for healing your squad, resupplying them, or for working with them to take a capture point. The squad leader can issue Orders to the rest of the squad to take a certain objective, and if the squad does so everyone will receive a point bonus. If you’re playing as the squad leader, make sure you’re issuing Orders to give that little boost.

There’s two other tips you can employ to help yourself rank up, with the first being the medal system. Medals are an option on the soldier menu, and they rotate on a weekly basis. Every week, you can select which medal you want to work toward, out of five options. Each medal has five different levels to complete, and will require you to complete various requirements in battle. Hitting all five levels will grant you with a massive XP bonus, so each week pick a medal that fits your style and try to level it up.

Finally, this should go without saying, but it’s in your best interest to stay until the end of every match. When your team is losing by a wide margin, it might be tempting to just quit and find a new one, but seeing each match through to its end will grant you more XP. There are bonuses awarded at the end of each match that you won’t get otherwise.

Make sure to check back with Twinfinite’s wiki for more guides, tips, and tricks on Battlefield 1.

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