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Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3 Story Summary


Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3 Story Summary

Another bad day at the office for Bats.

Chapter One

Telltale Batman

After the crazy events of the finale of episode two, episode three starts off with Bruce and Selena visiting Harvey at the hospital. However, just as you’re about to walk through the door, Selena gets cold feet and says she can’t deal with facing him at the moment and leaves. Alone, Bruce enters to go and see his friend. He’s yet to have the bandages removed from his face and still seems very much like Bruce’s friend we’ve come to know in the series so far.

The pair discuss their relationship and the turmoil it went through in the previous episode. While Harvey won the election as he stood unopposed, he’s not quite in the celebratory mood. Harvey apologizes for not standing by Bruce when the Wayne family name was dragged through the mud. Harvey continues to watch TV reports of the events, and it’s at this point that we begin to see a slight change in his character. He’s bitter about the events that happened and his anger comes out. You’ll have the option to either let him vent or to turn the TV off, and this will ultimately affect the way the conversation goes.

Once Harvey has either vented or calmed down, Bruce will take a look out the window and see the Bat symbol in the sky. Choose whatever excuse you want to get out of there and then head to the rooftop as Batman. You’ll speak to Gordon who will inform you that he requires your help. Montoya has gone to follow a lead on a shipment of chemicals on her own and needs backup. On the other hand, Harvey is currently on his way to make his acceptance speech, but his car is being followed. You can use drones to listen to each scenario and then decide which one you go to help out first.

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