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Batman The Telltale Series: All Story Choices & Endings (Season 1)


Batman The Telltale Series: All Story Choices & Endings (Season 1)

Ep. 1 – Defying Falcone

Story Choices & Endings in Batman The Telltale Series Season 1

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During episode one, you’ll be hosting an gala to raise awareness of Harvey Dent’s campaign to become mayor of Gotham. Carmine Falcone will show up uninvited and will want to discuss some things with you in private. As you head into the room, Harvey will try to follow but will be blocked off by one of Falcone’s henchmen.

Here, you have two options. Defy Falcone and let him know Harvey stays, or agree that you’ll speak with Falcone alone for a couple of minutes.

If you choose to have Harvey join you in the room, nothing much really happens. Falcone will acknowledge and respect that your home is yours and whatever decisions you choose to make in it are what goes. Harvey will have no input in the conversation and things play out the same way.

If you agree that Harvey should wait outside, the conversation will play out in the exact same way. There’s really no difference here other than how your relationship with Falcone may be affected. Either way, it’s not going to change the way your game plays out.

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