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Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie Will Be Titled “The Batman”


Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie Will Be Titled “The Batman”

The black capes are coming.

During an interview with Associated Press for his new movie The Accountant, star Ben Affleck revealed the title for his upcoming solo Batman movie.

According to Affleck, the team behind the project is going with The Batman as the title for their film, which will logically star Affleck in the titular role, as well as Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke marking his debut into the DC Extended Universe.

With Affleck directing, writing and starring in The Batman, the Hollywood heavy-hitter is thickly involved regarding the development of the project. He mentioned the title is still subject to change, but for now, The Batman is their go-to.

The Batman is expected to hit theaters somewhere in 2018, with Wonder Woman and Justice League lined up for 2017.

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