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7 Video Game Sex Scenes Too Awkward to Forget


7 Video Game Sex Scenes Too Awkward to Forget

Dumpster of Love

Sex can be used, like in any other medium, as a way to help progress a game’s story, characters, or even define its narrative themes. We’ve seen this done in a multitude of games ranging from the likes of Bayonetta to the romantic options posed in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Most of the time, these scenes are entertaining enough and don’t take us out of the story that’s being told. We say most of the time because there are some seriously awkward sex scenes that have happened throughout gaming’s existence.

Dead Rising 3

Now, when we are talking about awkward we aren’t referencing actually having sex in the game, but the weird (sometimes absurd) looking animations, settings, and ideas revolving around it. This won’t be just about terrible character animations, but how these scenes fit into the game’s story or world as well. Here are 10 video game sex scenes that we really wish we could have skipped.

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)

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