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5 Ways Red Dead Redemption Perfected the Wild West Genre


5 Ways Red Dead Redemption Perfected the Wild West Genre

The Wilderness Years

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A Fistful of Dirt

Red Dead Redemption

For something as vast and inescapable as it is, America is elusive. Ask Captain Ahab, or any number of American writers trying to capture the great American novel. The country is as omnipresent as it is terrifying – and exciting. Try to claw at the edges of it and you’ll come back with only handfuls of dirt. Rockstar understands this.

For any that remember Red Dead Redemption fondly, as most likely do, they will remember just that – dirt. Our hero John Marston undertook a mission which saw him wading through dirt landscapes, through dirt towns, and dirty waters. This is part of the reason the game is as well-loved as it is, rural Rockstar as it has never really been – though Red Dead Revolver before it featured a similar landscape, absent was our power to roam freely through it. Marston’s America stands in stark contrast to other Rockstar efforts, and to most other games in general; it was a refreshing change from what we were used to, and though sparse, it felt reassuringly rich and full of character.

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