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5 Things I Wish PSVR Told Me


5 Things I Wish PSVR Told Me

Just tell me!

Cinematic Mode is Automatic


While you won’t be able to play the likes of Uncharted 4 or Mafia III in VR, you can still play them and use your VR headset. Thanks to Cinematic Mode, the PSVR will show your non- VR games on a huge 226-inch floating screen. It may not look as pixel perfect as your games do on your big TV, but if you’re looking for a little bit of additional immersion and a means of closing yourself off to the world, this is definitely something to try.

Cinematic Mode is therefore a neat idea, but at no point are you told how to actually use it. Though trial and error would eventually have you just putting in your old games to see what happens, you don’t actually have to change any settings or select any options. PSVR will automatically just display your games on the giant floating screen inside your headset.

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