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5 More Overwatch Events Blizzard Should Consider


5 More Overwatch Events Blizzard Should Consider

Overwatch for all seasons.

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If heroes never die, then it’s fair to assume the quirky cast of Overwatch will be around for several festive seasons to come. The beauty of this immortality means their calendars might be full of celebratory events and, when not pushing a payload or controlling an objective area, these heroes might find themselves enjoying the festivities with the rest of us non-hero folk.

Overwatch Halloween

With the Overwatch Halloween season in full swing, and eager fans grinding through levels in the hopes of attaining that legendary item (you know the one I mean), it’s got the Overwatch community buzzing with activity; not that it needed an event to bolster the success surrounding this hero shooter. The Halloween seasonal event marks Blizzard’s second event and it stands to reason there may be more to come, so here’s 5 new seasons we’d love to see appear in everybody’s favorite hero shooter.

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