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Top 10 Horror Games to Terrify You This Halloween


Top 10 Horror Games to Terrify You This Halloween

Tremble and shiver with these horror greats!

10. Layers of Fear

Starting this list off rather modest but not necessarily without its fair share of creepiness, Layers of Fear is an exploration title à la Gone Home that has you uncovering the morbid secrets hidden within an eerie, old mansion.

You play as a painter who is slowly descending into madness, with the world around you constantly shifting and messing with your mind. Paintings change, objects appear to move on their own, and the corridors will become smudged with brightly colored splashes of paint.

While it doesn’t rely on sheer gore or adrenaline like some other entries in this list, Layers of Fear does manage to get under your skin, providing you with a well-design exploration game that implements the infrequent jump scare to remind you that the horror in this one isn’t merely psychological.

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