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You Might Be Able to Play Nintendo Games on Your Xbox One Soon


You Might Be Able to Play Nintendo Games on Your Xbox One Soon

Nintendo can’t be happy about this.

It’s been a banner week for classic Nintendo console emulators. First, the Dolphin Emulator added the last GameCube game to its library of bootable games, and now an emulator of even older Nintendo (and Sega) consoles has landed on the Windows Store and is supposedly on its way to Xbox One.

“Good news everyone! #nesbox has passed certification and will appear in Windows Store for XBox [sic] One soon,” reads an early morning tweet from the Nesbox Console, a multiplatform emulator capable of running games from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Sega Genesis, GameBoy Color, and GameBoy Advance.

In follow-up tweets, Nesbox’s Twitter account again that the emulator is on its way to the Xbox Store, and soon. The free app was still not on the store as of press time, Nesbox says it’s reasonable to expect it to appear there within the next day or two. If it does make its way there, the Nesbox will load ROMs via USB drive with “OneDrive support only in plans.”

It looks like it may not exactly be smooth sailing ahead for Nesbox, though. A more recent tweet reads, “I have a bad feeling. I see app in the store but don’t see xbox [sic] icon and can’t install it even on PC.” Still, other users report successfully downloading and using the app on their Windows machines, with at least one providing a screenshot of the app successfully installed.

Nesbox obviously faces a host of potential threats to its continued existence on the Windows Store and eventual listing on the Xbox Store. Nintendo and Sega will, in all likelihood, be none too happy about their games being playable for free on Microsoft platforms, and it would seem probable that Microsoft would comply with potential complaints from either company and take down the app. For its part, Nintendo recently made headlines

Twinfinite has reached out to Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sega about the Nesbox Console and will update this story should they issue a response.


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