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Xbox Scorpio Has 3 Major Advantages Over the PS4 Pro


Xbox Scorpio Has 3 Major Advantages Over the PS4 Pro

Microsoft is ready.

This month has been a whirlwind of sorts for Sony and the PlayStation brand thanks to their event that revealed two new variations of the PS4 hardware. First was the PS4 Slim – a smaller, cheaper version of the home console that will be taking over as the standard – and then there was the PS4 Pro. This is Sony’s mid-generation upgrade that supports HDR, 4K Gaming and media streaming, and the ability to improve the gaming experience in other ways thanks to the added power. Better yet, the Pro will be available on Nov. 10.

Project Scorpio, Xbox One

As many of you may remember, though, back in June, Microsoft revealed a similar machine which for the time being is known as Project Scorpio. This is a true 4K Xbox, capable of delivering unprecedented graphical fidelity, fully supporting VR, and is being touted as the most powerful home console ever, even though it’s still a year out. Many feel that Sony may have stolen Microsoft’s thunder by revealing the machine and releasing a year before the upgraded Xbox console. But, timing isn’t always everything (though it can seem that way), and if the team in charge of Xbox plays their cards right, Sony has a rude awakening waiting for them at the end of 2017.

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