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WoW Legion: Emerald Nightmare, World Bosses, Season 1 PvP Now Available on All Realms

The Emerald Nightmare has opened its gates to all Legion players

WoW Legion: Emerald Nightmare, World Bosses, Season 1 PvP Now Available on All Realms

Xavius is eagerly awaiting for worthy challengers inside the Emerald Nightmare.

The highly anticipated September 20th content update for World of Warcraft: Legion is now available on both EU and NA servers. Even though it doesn’t add nearly as much content as the upcoming Patch 7.1, the latest update still has plenty to offer, including the Emerald Nightmare raid, Mythic+ dungeons, World Bosses, PvP Season 1, and more.

The Emerald Nightmare is the very first raid World of Warcraft players can experience in Legion and can be found in Val’sharah just south of the entrance to Darkheart Thicket. The raid features a total of seven bosses including Ursoc, Xavius, and even a corrupted version of the demigod Cenarius. Players who don’t feel ready to tackle the Emerald Nightmare just yet, though, may want to try their hand at some Mythic+ dungeons first. Just as their name suggests, these types of newly introduced dungeons are very similar to their Mythic counterparts, however, players can expect increasingly more difficult encounters and suitably better rewards after each successful run.

The latest update also added a number of World Bosses in Legion, though only one of them will spawn each week, the first of which goes by the name of Nithogg. Aside from awarding a large quantity of Order Resources, World Bosses also have a chance to drop an item level 860 piece of gear. As for the first season of rated PvP in Legion, players can work towards some very nice rewards over the next few months, including new Gladiator gear, the Vindictive Gladiator’s Storm Dragon flying mount, and more.

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