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WoW Legion: Devouring Darkness Quest Guide


WoW Legion: Devouring Darkness Quest Guide

Devouring Darkness – World of Warcraft: Legion

Kobolds and their candles are a love story for the ages, and in WoW: Legion’s Devouring Darkness quest, we find out why.

Devouring Darkness is a special encounter in Highmountain, and the target of the world quest WANTED: Devouring Darkness. From Skyhorn, head east and down the mountain, until you find Candle Rock cave. Here, you’ll need to blow out six candles in order to spawn the rare Devouring Darkness mob.

The entrance to the cave is near 55, 44. From there, hang a left and up an incline until you reach a half circle of small, green candles. Interact with them to blow them out, and your bad guy will spawn right in.

Keep in mind that the Kobolds won’t take kindly to your presence unless you’ve raised your reputation with them. Oenia Skyhorn, an NPC near Skyhorn, will offer you a couple of quests that can get you to neutral will them.

Completing this encounter can net you a number of drops from Devouring Darkness itself, reputation with The Wardens and Highmountain Tribe (if you have the world quest), as well as another notch in your Adventurer of Highmountain achievement belt.

Tl;dr Kobolds had a very good reason for protecting their candle. You not take candle.

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