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World of Warcraft Legion: How to Get Legendaries


World of Warcraft Legion: How to Get Legendaries

Legen–wait for it…

Legendary items have been in World of Warcraft for a long while now, but they had always taken a more passive and rarer role often only being attainable after immensely long quest chains and incredible tough boss fights. However in Legion, Legendaries are getting put in the forefront and have been turned into powerful items that any player has the ability to acquire by simply playing the game.

World of Warcraft Legion, Legendary

Legendary items now act as drops from any Legion boss (dungeon/raid/world), World Quest Caches, Mythic Caches, and PvP Strongboxes. The more difficult the content you complete, the higher chance it has of rewarding you with a legendary item. They are also class specialization-specific as well, meaning that a Rogue cannot get a Priest legendary and likewise, a Restoration Shaman cannot get an Elemental Shaman legendary. In order to get legendary drops for a different specialization of your class, you will have to swap to that spec and be in it when the legendary is dropped. You don’t have to be level 110 to get a legendary item, however you will need to be 110 in order to equip it as they all have fixed stats at an 895 item level. If you are worried about being incredibly unlucky don’t worry as there is a barrier in place to slowly increase the chance of having a legendary drop if you haven’t gotten one in a long time.

Keep in mind that each player is limited as to the number of legendary items they can have equip at one time. The maximum starts out at 1 and will be able to be increased throughout the length of the entire Legion expansion. Currently, the only way to increase the number of equipped legendaries is to complete all of your Order Hall upgrades. Legendaries are meant to act as very powerful pieces of equipment and as such, each one will augment some aspect of your character’s class abilities.

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