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World of Warcraft Legion: How to Easily Find Treasure Chests


World of Warcraft Legion: How to Easily Find Treasure Chests

There’s treasure around here…

Treasure chest farming in The Broken Isles can be an incredibly lucrative business in World of Warcraft: Legion. More often than not, chests end up yielding fairly substantial rewards, such as Order Resources, Artifact Power, and a very solid amount of gold, all at the cost of just a single click. The issue lies in the fact that chests aren’t always easy to find and the purple aura they emanate isn’t generally enough to catch your eye. Luckily, Blizzard has seen fit to throw us a bone and help us out.

As you are probably aware, each of the five new zones in Legion have their own factions associated with them that allow you to build reputation and purchase items. Once you’ve attained the Honored rank with each of the five factions (The Wardens excluded), you’ll have the ability to buy a Treasure Map from the vendor for 18G that is linked to the area you bought it in. By carrying around the map in your inventory, it’ll enable treasure chest markers to appear on your mini-map detailing where to find it for said area. Doing this will take up five inventory slots (one map per each zone), but trust us, it’s totally worth it. You will also have the ability to hover the mouse cursor over the icon on your mini-map to distinguish whether the chest is small, medium, or large as well.

World of Warcraft Legion, Treasure Chest

You may need to employ your grapple around Suramar City, too.

Because the Treasure Maps only affect your mini-map and not the standard map, you’ll still have to do a bit of running around to locate the chests. Two of the best zones to go chest hunting in are Stormheim and Suramar. In Stormheim, many of the chests are high up on the tops of buildings or in the mountains, so you will need your trusty Grapple Launcher to reach many of them. A nice bonus is that the mini-map will indicate whether the chests are above or lower than your current altitude. Suramar City (specifically, in the bottom left half of Suramar) is another fantastic place to go chest hunting. Not only will you be able to gain Artifact Power and Order Resources, but chests in Suramar also give out Ancient Mana, which you’ll need for just about everything you do in the zone. And if you’ve done enough of the zone quests in the area, you won’t have to worry about getting into any fights in the city if your careful as well, allowing you to chest farm to your heart’s content.

The majority of the Legion expansion revolves around gathering copious amounts of Artifact Power and Order Resources, so having the capability to gather these at a steady pace is really invaluable. So load up your dungeon queue, teleport to Suramar City, and get to hunting!

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