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World of Final Fantasy Will Include FFXIII’s Snow Villiers


World of Final Fantasy Will Include FFXIII’s Snow Villiers


According to Jump magazine, World of Final Fantasy will be adding Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII to its large roster of iconic characters. The magazine scan, which you can check out below, reveals that Snow will be voiced by Daisuke Ono in the Japanese version. Snow’s English voice actor was Troy Baker, known for his voice work in popular titles like The Last of Us and BioShock: Infinite, though it hasn’t been confirmed if he will be reprising his role here.

world of final fantasy snow

In addition to that, the magazine scan also reveals ‘Heart Quests,’ which are described as sub quests that can be unlocked with an item called an Ultima Gem. There aren’t any details on the Heart Quests beyond that.

Snow was one of the more prominent characters back in Final Fantasy XIII, and was also the only character in the XIII saga who got a costume change in Lightning Returns, the final chapter of the trilogy. He’s also known for shouting ‘Steelguard!’

Thanks, Gematsu and @aibo_ac7

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