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World of Final Fantasy Will Feature Tifa and Rydia


World of Final Fantasy Will Feature Tifa and Rydia

Bring back the classics.

In this week’s edition of Famitsu, the magazine revealed some screenshots and details on World of Final Fantasy and two new characters to be included in the roster: Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, and Rydia from Final Fantasy IV. Tifa was one of the major supporting characters from FFVII, and longtime fans will likely be familiar with her and her role in the VII games. Rydia, on the other hand, was a key character in Final Fantasy IV who took on the role of a young girl who quickly blossoms into a strong and confident magic-user. It’s certainly nice to see Square Enix giving some screen time to characters from the older Final Fantasy games.

World of Final Fantasy follows the story of two young protagonists who one day find themselves in the world of Grymoire. They then have to work together with iconic characters from the series to find their way back home.

World of Final Fantasy is set to be released for the PS4 and PS Vita on October 25 in North America and on October 28 in Europe.

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