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Top 5 Best Indie Games of August 2016


Top 5 Best Indie Games of August 2016

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The Turing Test

The Turing Test 2

The Turing Test tells the story of Ava Turing, an engineer for the International Space Agency. Players will assume the role of Turin as they are sent out to find out what’s behind the disappearance of a ground crew stationed on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The Turing Test is a first-person puzzle game with intelligent puzzle design that blends in well with the game’s narrative. The puzzle element of the game revolves around unlocking doors as you traverse through the station. You’ll need to distribute power to certain doors, using your special gun and utilizing switches to direct the power to go where you want it to.

The Turing Test, developed by indie studio, Bulkhead Interactive, currently has a Metacritic score of 79 from six reviews. In our review, we described the game as “an absolute marvel of intelligent puzzle design that makes you feel amazing for conquering it.” You can check out our full review, here.

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