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This Kickstarter Parody Game Stars Biff Klozinski, Tom Schiffer, and Hiro Komiya


This Kickstarter Parody Game Stars Biff Klozinski, Tom Schiffer, and Hiro Komiya

And Nick Gable, the man behind hit game “Doubling Time.”

Dawn of the Devs is a new Kickstarter campaign raising money to create – you guessed it – a game about developers. Completely unrecognizable parody developers like “Tom Schiffer” and “Biff Klozinski.”

The 2D puzzle-platformer will follow these mystery protagonists as they travel through an alternate universe, where staples like Metacritic have come to life as enemies.

“During a popular game event in Los Angeles,” the description reads, “three game developers are drawn into a parallel world known as the Wicked World of Gaming. A world that was once not wicked at all, but has become corrupt since the rise of one sinister character, known simply as Chief Evil Overlord (C.E.O.). His power grows with every downside, every drawback and every negative bit of the game industry, and he is rising an army to also end the Earth’s game industry.”

dawn of devs

Stretch goals for Dawn of the Devs include alternate costumes, console versions, and additional characters like “Nick Gable,” the man behind hit game “Doubling Time” and its long-awaited third chapter.

Copyright infringement may be a word that comes to mind here, but according to the creators, “This is a parody, so technically there’s no copyright infrigement [sic]. We’re not using anybody’s image, or even name.” They also add that if someone represented in-game wishes, they will remove them from the game. “We’re making this as an homage, not an offense.”

As of writing, Dawn of the Devs has raised $12,813 of their $65,000 goal in nearly two days. You can check out the campaign here.

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