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7 Burning Questions We Want Answered in Destiny: Rise of Iron


7 Burning Questions We Want Answered in Destiny: Rise of Iron

So many mysteries hidden within the machines.

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Why Did Lord Saladin Wait So Long to Introduce Us to the Iron Lords?

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Lord Saladin has made his presence known ever since players got to dive into the Iron Banner during Destiny’s Beta. This stoic Titan always stood waiting for those brave enough to go against the best of the best to sign up. His somewhat royal appearance always held an air of mystery, and he earned the respect of many players after they dove into the Grimoire to learn about his background.

He is one of the last Iron Lords, yet it was always clear that the Iron Banner was there to test a Guardian’s worthiness to join their ranks. But did it really take two years for him to figure out who was worthy? We already know that we’ll be helping him suppress a threat that he and his peers silenced a long time ago, but if it weren’t for that, would we have always just been forced to test ourselves in the Iron Banner? What secrets and regrets does Lord Saladin hold in his heart? Hopefully Rise of Iron can let us know. 

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